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EXEDY’s products and technologies highly
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automobile manufacturers select them to be
used as OE parts in their vehicles.

Parts for Manual Transmissions

Clutch Covers | Passenger Vehicles

  • DST Type

    DST Type

    This is an automotive part that both allows and prevents the transmission of power from the engine to the transmission. The clutch disc is sandwiched between the flywheel, which is attached to the unit, and the clutch cover.

  • Small-sized Pull Type

    Small-sized Pull Type

    Where clutch covers used to be disengaged by pushing the clutch disc up against the flywheel, this model disengages the clutch by pulling the cover away from the flywheel.

  • Peak Cut

    Peak Cut

    This clutch cover features a longer lifespan, lessens increases in pedal effort caused by wear and tear, and is primarily equipped in taxis and commercial vehicles.

Clutch Covers | Trucks and Buses

  • Large-sized Lever Type

    Large-sized Lever Type

    A clutch cover made for large-sized vehicles, which is structured to disengage the clutch through use of a push lever.

  • Large-sized Pull Type

    Large-sized Pull Type

    Like its small-sized variant, this clutch cover disengages the clutch using a pulling motion instead of a pushing one.

Clutch Discs | Passenger Vehicles

  • Unity Type

    Unity Type

    This automotive part, which is sandwiched between the clutch cover and the flywheel, is directly responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the transmission, and is able to reduce vibrations in the drivetrain due to its excellent friction materials and damper mechanism.

  • Wide Angle Damper Type

    Wide Angle Damper Type

    This is a clutch disc that we manufacture to handle engines with high RPMs, such as direct injection and diesel engines. It is equipped with high performance dampers that excel in attenuating vibrations.

  • Single Hub Silent

    Single Hub Silent

    A clutch disc that is able to reduce gear rattle caused by the vehicle when the driver is idling or changing speeds.

Clutch Discs | Trucks and Buses

  • Large-sized Unity Type

    Large-sized Unity Type

    Like its small-sized counterpart, this unity disc, which was made for use in large-sized vehicles, reduces vibrations in the drivertain due to its excellent friction materials and damper mechanism.

  • Large-sized Silent

    Large-sized Silent

    This disc is capable of absorbing noise and vibration in the drivetrain to provide the driver with a quieter driving experience.

  • Combination Disc

    Combination Disc

    This model combines both organic and metallic friction materials to greatly increase the durability of the clutch disc.

Clutch Discs | Motorsports

  • Ultra Fiber

    Ultra Fiber

    Sitting between the flywheel and the clutch cover, this product not only transmits the power of the engine to the transmission, its excellent friction and damper mechanism also absorb vibration from the drive system.

  • Metal


    This type uses metal friction material which has high torqe transmission capacity and excellent heat resistance. Its unique lightweight configuration improves shift response and is therefore ideal for use in race cars or rally cars.